They are the invisible people.  The ones who slip through the cracks of the various government agencies and non-profit organizations that were designed to help them. These are the people who sometimes work, but don’t have enough to make financial ends meet. Families with small children; couples; men; women; various ages and ethnic backgrounds. They live a transient life.  Sleeping in shelters, their cars, or wherever they can find cover.  If their lucky, home for them could be a local motel or a shared townhouse with 3-4 families.  In any of these cases, they could be one step away from living in the woods.
It’s true, some of these people may have mental issues, recovering from drug or alcohol abuse, or as we have seen, just had a series of life events that pushed them down a path that is so very difficult to get off of.  That’s where The Arnold House steps in.
We are dedicated to raising awareness on the plight of homelessness and hunger in Southern Maryland.arnhouse-6  To get people off the streets and out of the woods, we work with local motels to get rooms at a reduced rate to ease the financial burden of those in need.  For those with marketable skills, we work with local business owners to try and get people employed so they can become self sufficient. For the families in need, we provide food and supplies when available.  Most important is that we sit and listen to them.  Advocate for them.  Keep them encouraged as they struggle to get back onto a path of normalcy in their lives.
The realities of the situations in which these people is that it is not an easy road.  Some will have setbacks, others will relapse, but then there are those success stories of the ones who have gotten back on track and the light is shining upon them.  When that happens, we have one simple task for them.  Pay it forward.  Make a difference in someone else’s life by helping them get back on track.  That’s what the Arnold House is all about.