Q: Why give homeless people money,aren’t they only going to buy alcohol or drugs with it?
Surprisingly, a large number of homeless individuals work normal jobs.  They work in fast food, construction, or other service industries.  Unfortunately, their income simply isn’t enough to maintain a household.  These individuals are not looking for a hand out, they are looking for a helping hand.

Q:  Can you tell me where the homeless camps are?
This is a very sensitive subject.  While some camps are more visible and accessible than others, we don’t just show up there.  We have been invited into their areas.  How would you feel if a group of strangers came into your house unexpected?  Our access to the camps have been gained through trust.

Q:  How many homeless people are there in Charles County?
This is a difficult number to pinpoint, but the latest reports indicate there are approximately 800 people.

Q:  What do you mean when you say “homeless”?
Homelessness isn’t just the person living on the streets.  It includes those people living in shelters, transition housing, and those living in motels.  It also includes those living out of their cars and in tents or temporary shelter.

Q:  Whats the best way I can help?
When donating clothing or household goods consider giving to shelters, local non-profits or other organizations, such as the Arnold House.  These organizations give donations directly to those in need at.  You can also volunteer your time and talents to The Arnold House, we are always in need of people willing to help.