Each week we travel out and provide meals to those in need.  Not only is it a humbling experience, but there are those moments that tug at the core of your emotions.  When you knock on a door and give meals to five or six people living in one room, you wonder how this is possible.  Or when the door opens, the smell of cigarettes and weed fills your nostrils then the sight of empty alcohol bottles are scattered throughout the room, again you ask yourself, why?  Then there is the knock on the door and you see the smile on the face of someone who knows their situation, but is grateful for the meal you provided, then you know why….IMG_2482
Along the next stop, you deliver the meals to a family and for whatever reason, they want to question what is given to them or become selective in what is given to them.  You supress those thoughts of anger and remember what you are out here for.  At the next stop you enter the woods that lead back into “tent city” at one camp its pretty well kept but at the next trash is sprawled about-again you ask yourself why?
As you we drive from site to site, you can spot those in need of a meal, and as we pull up, those who do not know us are first surprised that someone acknowledges their existence, then extremely happy to be offered a meal, some reluctantly will ask for another since they haven’t eaten in who knows when, nor do they know when they will eat again.  That’s the moment when you say its all worth it.