Can you remember the Thanksgiving dinner you had?  Perhaps you visited family or they all gathered at your house for the big feast.  What about Christmas?  Did you have a big dinner with family and friends?  How about New Years?  Did your meal start out with black eyed peas or some other tradition for good luck?  Today as we kick off the beginning of summer and the BBQs and cookouts begin take a moment to think about those who go without a meal.  Today as we journeyed out to feed those in need, I was overwhelmed by the fact that for the first time we didn’t have enough food.  We fell just short of 100 people, but the sad part was we had to stop towards the end of major delivery point, and people were out watching and waiting for us.   As if that wasn’t enough, as we were driving off a young man was running across the parking lot to flag us down.  We stopped and he told us they had just gotten out of church and tried to get back in time to get a meal-That family ate, but unfortunately others on our route did not.  We did what we could and gave what we had.  Today was just a day that showed me why we have to constantly ask for volunteers and support, because without them both, there would be at least 100 more people in need of food…Please continue to support @the Arnold House.  #homeless #charlescounty #hunger #waldorf #feedamerica #thearnoldhouse